Hi, my name is Lesley Purvis

welcome to my counselling service

Are you experiencing difficulties you are unable to resolve by yourself, such as:

  • Depression:  Can't cope anymore'.  'What's the point'.  
    'No motivation'.  Constantly tearful?
  • Anxiety:  Are you feeling anxious in certain situations such as social occasions, or simply confused about your anxiety?
  • Problems in a relationship:  Are you experiencing difficulties in your marriage/partnership?  Family issues, or even friendships?
  • Stress in the workplace:   Is work too much to cope with?  Perhaps it’s work overload or difficulties with colleagues?  
    Or maybe just stress in general?
  • Bereavement:  Are you struggling to come to terms with your loss?  Perhaps you feel that other people think ‘you should be over it by now’?
  • Low self-esteem:  Do you feel that you are worthless?  Nobody likes, cares or respects you?
  • Panic attacks:  The symptoms of a panic attack can be very frightening.  ‘I’m going to faint’.  ‘I’m having a heart attack’.  
  • Post-traumatic stress:  Are you having flashbacks from a traumatic situation?  Nightmares? 

All of these problems can be overcome with counselling.  Understanding why you are suffering and how to manage your difficulties is half the battle to recovery.

Suffering alone can exacerbate the problem so why not give me a call on: 0191 259 5886 or 07540 579 151.

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