Lesley was extremely welcoming and easy to talk to and made me feel relaxed.  I opened up more than I thought I would and was able to discuss things which I hadn’t spoken to anyone else about and which had been bothering me for a number of years.  The counselling has really helped and I know I will continue to work on things on my own which we discussed to enable me to continue to improve my self-esteem.  JP

I found the hand-outs and reading material supporting discussions in sessions very helpful.  My sessions have been invaluable.  S.F.   

When we first arrived for counselling we did not know what to expect, our relationship was in tatters we weren't even sure how we got to that stage.  Lesley provided a calm setting for us to understand and express ourselves as individuals, giving constructive feedback repeating what we had said enabling us to really listen to ourselves and to each other, this for a long time had been missing in our relationship Lesley helped us get this back. It seems such a simple thing talking but without Lesley's skills we would not have come out of this situation the way we did we are now happier than ever in our marriage but just as important we are happier with ourselves. Again, a big thank you Lesley.  Anon.

It was the first time I'd ever talked about my problems and it felt good to get certain things off my chest and it makes these problems seem like less of a big deal when you talk about them. Hearing how it’s not just me who has these kinds of thoughts and using different techniques to combat them seemed to help.  AB
Lesley is a fabulous empathic, non-judgmental listener. She helped me to put my thoughts in order and set priorities. She helped me in a gentle, subtle manner to change my negative attitude towards matters and take initiative in my life. Flexibility in arranging sessions was helpful.  MS Newcastle
It was good to talk and have the reassurance I would feel better and normal again.  Best thing I ever did.  CS

You created a relaxed atmosphere which I found made it easy to talk openly about problems in my life and relationships.
You provided very helpful notes for discussion and future reference.  I always felt better after our sessions.   Newcastle

“The gentle encouragement that enabled me to re-assess my relationship with my wife thus enabling me to move on and also the encouragement to realise insights into my own personality and how that had affected the relationship and which I hope will enable me to successfully move into and enjoy a different relationship. Thank you Lesley. I feel very encouraged and am looking forward to my life with joy for the first time for over seven years."  R.L. Newcastle

“This has helped me hugely.  I can’t help but be amazed at how much better I feel. An excellent service, brilliantly delivered.  Thank you!”  Anon

“Regular support and an opportunity to express feelings to a friendly and approachable, non-judgemental person. Techniques to help with personal development and as a couple. Thank  you for helping us through a difficult time.  We really appreciate all your hard work”.  L and P. 

“I have felt supported and respected throughout my counselling sessions”  Anon

“Thank you.  The tools I’ve been given have given me the confidence to move forward in my life”  Anon

“It has been very helpful in allowing me to come to terms and deal with what has happened – thank you”  Anon

“I have found the service to be of great support to me and do not feel as if I would be in the mentally strong position that I’m in now if I hadn’t received outstanding help”  Anon

“I was very grateful for the time that I have been given by Lesley and have found the chance to share my angst a release!  I do feel more positive about dealing with my issues now”  D.C.

“The ability to talk in absolute confidence knowing it was just between you and I, helped me find the confidence in myself again and discover appropriate tools to support me on my journey.    The fact that you were not biased as you did not know me, helped me to open up, knowing I would get an honest answer to my situation.  The focus on things positive helped me overcome my anxiety as I soon learned I was focusing on negatives too much and not the positives.  This totally changed my reflection of my life, personally and at work.  A positive mind is far healthier for you and I realised this quickly which returned my confidence to speak in meetings at work at ease.”  K.W.

“It was good to be able to talk openly and safely – getting good coping strategies and having them explained and being able to question.  A very worthwhile journey.  Thank you for everything”.  Morpeth

"A big thank you for all your help and support in getting my life back on track.  I really found our sessions have helped me and think that you do a wonderful job.  Warmest thanks and regards".  Anon.